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Web Studios

Web Studios offers 3 fully equipped stages, including lighting, wardrobe, dressing/make-up rooms, greenroom, production offices and security.

  • A Stage encompasses an area of over 18, 850 sqft; with a 240ft infinity cove, full lighting rig, ample power and drive-in scene dock doors. It is suitable for larger shoots, commercials, movie shoots, dramas, pop promos and conferences.

  • B Stage measures over 5,000 sqft; it is the ideal size for commercials and pop promos.

  • C Stage is a purpose built, state of the art soundstage. C Stage has over 19,250 sqft of shooting space and is over 42ft high. This stage features a tank and has a mega watt of power. It is the ideal size for feature films, television dramas and large commercials. C Stage also has in-built office space, dressing rooms, make-up rooms, and meeting rooms. For more information on Web Film Studios please click here Web Film Studios
Web film studios provide an abundance of facilities on site for film and tv productions, pop promos, commercials and coporate productions. If you want to find out more please click here.